Summerlin Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal: No More Limits

Laser Hair Removal in a Sophisticated Summerlin Setting


Espri Laser Med Spa brings together the ultimate in laser precision with an unequaled client focus to deliver the best laser hair removal in Las Vegas. Finally! Enjoy the smooth, well groomed look you want. Avoid the embarrassment and aggravation of ugly nicks and cuts or the pain of waxing.

Achieve a higher level of grooming in a sophisticated and private setting. Enjoy the ultimate in smoothness. Put down your razor and avoid the dread of routine waxing treatments.

Our painless laser hair removal technology delivers silky smooth skin that you will be proud to show off in any setting.

Our cutting edge systems provide what older laser technology could not. Beautiful smooth skin with no pain or hint of irritation.

In our private, modern office, Espri Laser Med Spa provides a complete hair removal treatments that are safe for all skin types and hair colors.

Our technology is gentle. Now you can comfortably remove unwanted hairs from the most delicate parts of your body.

For a long lasting, more permanent hair removal solution, experience the Espri difference. Our technology instantly removes unwanted hair and delivers the maintenance free, smooth look you crave.

Wear your most revealing outfits without worry. No more spending time fussing over the sink with a razor before you head out to the beach or out on the town for the evening.

Guys! There's no reason for you to be left out. We cater to the finest groomed men in Las Vegas. Bring your body to Espri Laser Med Spa and experience the beauty of laser smoothness for yourself. She’ll thank you for it.